Netflix makes it easier to manage downloaded shows on Android

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Buzzfeed reports that if you're watching a series, the feature automatically deletes watched episodes, then downloads the next one in line.

"Downloading today is a very manual process, and most of the time people will only download a couple episodes of a show at a time", Cameron Johnson, a director of product innovation at Netflix, said last week in a briefing.

The streaming service launched the Download feature in 2016, making it possible for customers to watch shows and movies on the go.

Netflix is figuring out how to make TV work on your smartphone, where downloading a TV show can mean less room for selfies or devour your data plan.

The basic Netflix plan starts at $7.99 which allows you to stream content in standard definition on one display. So, in order to combat this situation, Netflix is rolling out a new feature today called 'Smart Downloads'.

If you'd rather keep shows stored in your phone to watch again and again, though, you can switch off smart downloads in settings anytime. But as competitors like Amazon Prime Video began offering downloads, and as Netflix itself expanded internationally to markets where mobile connectivity wasn't as reliable as in the US, Netflix relented.

If you do use it it's activated when you connect to wifi and are finished with an episode.

Additionally, the feature is only available on Android devices for now, though it is safe to assume it will be landing on iOS in the foreseeable future.

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