Alberta unemployment rate inches up as more people seek work

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Statistics Canada said on Friday that 31,800 positions were created in June, majority part-time, while the unemployment rate rose to 6% from 5.8% as more Canadians were out looking for work.

In an estimated labour force of 42,700, there were 39,700 employed and 3,000 unemployed, according to the survey released July 6.

Nationally, StatsCan said employment rose by 32,000 in June after two consecutive months of little change.

The May numbers show that imports expanded 1.7 per cent, while exports dipped 0.1 per cent.

Advertisment The Canadian economy added more jobs than expected in June, adding fodder to market expectations that the Bank of Canada will raise interest rates for the fourth time in a year next week.

Jobs in agriculture dropped 10.8 per cent to 21,400, while the province saw small declines in manufacturing (0.4%) and construction (0.5%).

Chances of a Bank of Canada interest rate increase at the July 11 announcement climbed to more than 90 percent from 88 percent before the data, the overnight index swaps market indicated. The Bank of Canada says uncertainty over trade tensions between Canada and the United States is one of the biggest potential threats to the economy.

Across Canada, 31,800 jobs were added to the economy. The number, however, did come down from its nine-year high in May of 3.9 per cent.

Compared with a year earlier, total employment increased by 1.2% 214 after the creation of 90 jobs.

Youth unemployment increased to 11.7 per cent last month, up from 11.1 in May.

TD senior economist Brian DePratto wrote in a note Friday that the "employment mix could have been a bit healthier, but it certainly could have been worse too".