The Avengers 4 Reddit Promo Is Happening

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When the idea came up to ban half of the users in tribute to Infinity War, users instantly thought about getting Josh Brolin on board to complete the snap and ban half of the subscribers. So, this means the snap will instantly ban 290,000 Reddit users.

Thanos is insane, and the majority of us can likely agree on that, but now that the Avengers-beating villain has snuffed out half the cosmos - at least, in the reality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - he's managed to find a fair few people here on our planet that think he might well have some valid points.

Avengers: Infinity War has played an important part in social media over the last few months.

"Here we go, Reddit Users", a shirtless Brolin said smiling before he snaps his fingers. Moderator u/The-Jedi-Apprentice got permission from Reddit admins this week to ban a full half of the subreddit's subscribers. Essentially, the subreddit began as a place for fans to post pro-Thanos memes and pictures. Although Season 2 was aired after Infinity War hit theaters, it makes no reference to the events of the movie.

As SyFy Wire points out, you can technically still join the subreddit and get randomly taken out tomorrow.

The actual ban will take place within the day, but it is now Thanos-approved.

The subreddit, which now has 498 THOUSAND subscribers and increasing on a daily basis, is planning to ban half its population in honour of the Mad Titan, Thanos. The Thanos Did Nothing Wrong subreddit has not announced if they will follow the story of Avengers 4 and reverse the snap next May. Precisely, since the output of the feature film, the artists who have participated in the creation of places have begun to reveal their sketches, and it is, to say the least incredible. While we wait, you can see Josh Brolin's recreation below, provided by The Russo Brothers' Twitter account.