Netflix is testing some new plans. Here's what they do

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One offers four Ultra HD streams, while the existing $13.99 Premium plan would drop from four to two UHD streams. Currently, the highest package is worth $13.99 that is known by the name of Premium.

Netflix is also planning and testing various versions of plans that could get the HDR videos on the Ultra pack, so that it could stand different and higher above the current premium plan.

The Ultra plan will cost $16.99 in the United States and will offer customers the ability to have four simultaneous 4K streams all at once. However the company will need to ensure it doesn't experience the kind of consumer backlash it felt in 2011, when it split its streaming service from its traditional disc service.

Streaming platform Netflix will from August discontinue a feature that allows users to read and write reviews of various movies and TV shows. Depending on how the trial performs with this initial group, Netflix may or may not decide to roll out this plan to a wider group of customers.

However, in addition to support for Ultra HD, the new Netflix Ultra plan offers the playback of content on four screens at the same time, support for the high dynamic range (HDR) and HD audio. But if you want the best out of your Netflix subscription, you must be willing to pay a bit more in the near future. The new plan would cost roughly $16.99 per month and it's now being tested in two different versions.

Why? Netflix spokesperson Smita Saran told CNET, "This feature is only offered on the website and has seen declining usage over time".

Before, Netflix was going on about with its three-tier subscription that included the Basic, Standard and the Premium. Unfortunately, this means they are cutting back the Premium tier from four streams to just two streams.