We Happy Few’s Australian Rating Ban Has Been Overturned

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If you're interested in We Happy Few then you should check out our preview of it! The player controls one of these downers, but they can also take small quantities of Joy to better blend in with the crowd and avoid suspicion. The Board said "the game's drug-use mechanic making game progression less hard constitutes an incentive or reward for drug-use" and was therefore refused classification.

Last week, publisher Gearbox got another chance to convince the Australian Classification Board to give We Happy Few a rating. We Happy Few was originally denied due to the focus on drug use within the game; however, in a new press release put out by the Australian Classification Review Board, the chose to give the game a rating because "the interactive drug use is high in impact". This means that We Happy Few will now be available for purchase.

More details will be published on the Classification Review Board decisions page once it's been properly prepared.

We Happy Few will release worldwide on 10 August 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, those in Australia were almost denied access to the game after it was denied classification last month for its depiction of drug use. Anyone over the age of 18 will easily be able to pick up We Happy Few, but should be aware of its "fantasy violence and interactive drug use". "We Happy Few is classified R18+ (restricted)". "The overall impact of the classifiable elements in the computer game was no greater than high".