NBA Free Agency 2018: The Los Angeles Lakers are back

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James is an American Midwest guy, and though he's leaving those roots behind in OH, he's moving to a franchise where he will play for a man he grew up respecting: Michigan-born Magic Johnson. James did return in 2014 and led the Cavs to the 2016 NBA title, ending a 52-year sports championship drought for Cleveland, before departing for the Lakers in the wake of four consecutive NBA Finals appearances for Cleveland.

This past season, there was some criticism about his holding onto the ball for too long while in search of a possible assist. The most plausible explanation is that the brand is trolling LeBron James, the National Basketball Association, and its fans by concocting a wild story about a $50,000 fine and getting a little extra attention in the process.

While Ball's passing ability can shine next to James, the current Lakers roster lacks the traditional shooting ability we have seen from successful teams with James as the centerpiece.

James is arguably one of the best to play the game, reigning over the East with eight consecutive Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals appearances. Now, TMZ has caught up with LaVar to pick his brain about the Lakers' big signing, and old flames seem to have once again reignited.

It's always team. Passes the ball. Someone that you want to play with.

"I don't know what Kevin Durant's response was but I can tell that behind the scenes Kevin Durant was like 'Why would I do that?'" said Smith. But I don't get involved in it. I'm so far removed from the white noise and the noise it doesn't matter.

The Lakers signed JaVale McGee (C), Lance Stephenson (SF/SG) and Rajon Rondo (PG), all for 1-year deals.

Medium Large is looking to add motivated individuals with big dreams and a big appetite for success to our direct sales team based in Los Angeles or Orange County. But when a player of James' caliber joins a new team, there is a general understanding, even expectation that other quality players will flock to that player and try to put together a contender (often at a discounted rate).