Here's the latest Facebook bug that (slightly) compromised your privacy

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When a user blocks someone on Facebook they can not see things posted by the user, start conversations with the user on Messenger or add as a friend. It also would have shown the unblocked users content shared publicly or widely by the other party. This means that during the time the bug was active, the blocked person could have easily performed the aforementioned list of actions.

"Starting today we are notifying over 800,000 users about a bug in Facebook and Messenger that unblocked some people they had blocked", the company wrote today. They would also have been able to send messages to the user, something a blocked person usually cannot do.

Do you block anyone on Facebook? According to an announcement on Facebook's news blog, the company is notifying 800,000 Facebook and Messenger users that people they blocked may have been unblocked between May 29 and June 5. Which is nevertheless cold comfort to the company's vast audience that sees in this yet another bug that could chip away at trust in the company, following a similar one a few weeks ago.

When Mashable reached out for more information on the bug, a Facebook representative informed us that the bug was random and global, affecting users from all over.

"Most visible user data on FB is stored in pairs called 'associations, ' which control what posts people see and the actions they can take".

The bug did not reinstate any Facebook friendships, and the majority of those affected only had one person unblocked. It suggests that users check their blocked lists, and reassures them that the issue has now been resolved.

People are blocked for harsher reasons, such as harassment or bullying, Egan added.