Rebel Wilson’s Bauer defamation payout slashed from $4.5m to $600,000

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During the case, Wilson said the articles had alleged that she lied about her name, age and upbringing in Australia.

Having now appealed the amount of money they were forced to pay, a court has now ruled that Bauer Media will only need to pay A$600,000 (£338,000).

Supreme Court Justice John Dixon awarded her a record $4.5 million, including $3.9 million in economic damages relating to a loss of income.

The record damages awarded to actress Rebel Wilson after her successful defamation case against a magazine publisher in Australia have been reduced from A$4.5m (€2.87m) to A$600,000 (€383,000) in the Victorian Court of Appeal, but the Pitch Perfect star has said her legal action was "never about the money".

Wilson is now in Europe in pre-production on Taika Waititi's war-drama Jojo Rabbit but she tweeted that the case was "never about the money" and that proceeds would be going to charity.

It was the largest defamation win in Australian legal history and Bauer appealed, arguing the size of the settlement set a unsafe precedent and there were errors of law in the judgement.

When Wilson won the case previous year, it was an Australian record for a case, much higher than the AUS$389,000 maximum previously set, by using her "global reach" as justification.

But the Court of Appeal found there was no basis for her to be awarded financial damages for the potential loss of roles, setting aside the economic damages entirely.

"As I've said before, I have already won the case and this is unchallenged".

She had previously vowed to give her entire payout to charity and tweeted on Wednesday it was never about the money.

The original damages sum awarded to Ms Wilson last September was the largest defamation payment ever ordered by an Australian court, and several media organisations questioned whether the decision set a new precedent for defamation payments.

Wilson argued the "serial liar" allegations had ruined her reputation and cost her lucrative movie roles.