‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ will become a Netflix 'interactive story'

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Update: Netflix reached out to us with more specifics, pointing out that it has no intention to get into the "gaming" industry outright, stating that it does acknowledge their increasingly cinematic nature. The test launch for this initiative will be Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1, which should arrive this Fall. "It's an extension of our other interactive stories we have on our service...the Stranger Things project is launching on the Telltale platform at a later date, not on the Netflix service". "But it wouldn't be so unfathomable to think about playing a Telltale game over a streaming video service of that calibre".

They also confirmed Telltale is working on a "Stranger Things" game for PC and consoles. There's a broad spectrum of entertainment available today.

Telltale's Stranger Things, while developed in cooperation with Netflix, is not now planned to launch in the same manner. Sources told TechRadar that Minecraft: Story Mode will appear in a five-part episodic form and Netflix confirmed to them that the game will appear "in an adapted form".

There are no specific details for the Stranger Things game yet.

Forward-looking: Netflix is expanding it's library to interactive movies and games that increase viewer engagement create a new form of consumable media.

According to TechRadar's sources, both Netflix and Telltale are advanced in the deal, with playable demos of the games having been in existence for "at least" the past year. The site also confirmed that the Stranger Things game from Telltale will not be on Netflix at all; instead, it sounds like a traditional Telltale release that will hit a variety of gaming platforms. This would include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and even smart televisions with a built in Netflix app. Chromecast might be possible if the user could input commands from their device.

Netflix is the biggest video streaming site around.

As far as when the partnership will be announced, the article notes that it "could happen any day", though an E3 debut may not be happening since we're so late in the show anyway. As a result of this, Telltale has first crack at a Stranger Things video game that should be available in the not-too-distant future.

"And for us, we're looking at that".