Millie Bobby Brown latest actor to be bullied off Twitter

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The star of Netflix's Stranger Things deleted her account after a meme spread which depicted her as a murderous homophobe.

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown deleted her Twitter account this week in response to being turned into an anti-gay meme. Under the hashtag #takedownmilliebobbybrown, users have been posting fake stories of encounters with the actor, suggesting she used homophobic slurs against them.

She's taken on the Demogorgon, but Twitter trolls may have been too much. Brown, a vocal LGBT advocate, finally had enough of being targeted and closed her Twitter.

They also put the word "faggot" in her mouth. "Most of these memes were made by the gays so don't worry, Susan!" While many of her followers loved it, others felt the image was too "old" for the 14-year-old.

Although this exchange happened toward the end of a year ago, the #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown tag has resurfaced and gained a significant amount of momentum over the past couple of days, with several new memes and fictional stories being created. It regained traction this month during Pride Month.

But there are some who say the memes started as an inside joke within the LGBT community.

The Stranger Things actress went social-media public with singer Jacob Sartorius and shared a gushing post, captioning her romantic snap "moonlight w him".