James Wan and Steven Spielberg to co-produce Arachnophobia reboot

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In a world filled with reboots and remakes, comes another reboot. Sure, the film was a modest box office success, and it's well remembered today for the roles played by Jeff Daniels and especially John Goodman as the Coen-esque, bumbling exterminator Delbert McClintock, but this is no pop-culture classic or box office blockbuster we're talking about. And James Wan, of The Conjuring vintage, is set to be overseeing the new project, via his Atomic Monster company.

The film, which was unveiled on Monday, is at the early stages with no director, actors, or writers attached.

James Wan fans who actually have arachnophobia might feel their skin crawling reading this news. And it would appear that Wan himself will not be directing either.

The original Arachnophobia (that's a term used to describe the fear of spiders and other multi-legged creatures), starring John Goodman and Jeff Daniels, tells of a species of South American killer spiders that crosses the USA border and a group of people have to work together to stop the spiders by killing the queen. Original's director Marshall will be exec producer.

The original Arachnophobia followed an incredibly venomous South American spider accidentally smuggled into a small Californian town in the coffin of one its victims. Are you excited for the remake? It's in post-production on the latest in the "Conjuring" universe, "The Nun", which hits theaters on Sep. 7.