High-Rise Scaling Raccoon Makes It To Roof Of St. Paul Office Tower

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Firefighters left cat food on the top of the 24-story building in the hope of being able to catch the animal safely, and on Wednesday morning, the raccoon finally made it.

This glowing response to the presence of a raccoon is unusual in the United States, where the animals are usually considered pests.

Fears were growing for the raccoon's safety after almost 20 hours on the building without food or water.

Right now in Minnesota, a humble raccoon has taken on a lofty challenge: it's scaling a skyscraper, and we're all really anxious about it. And around 12:30 p.m., Pioneer Press reporter Tad Vezner captured a couple of shots of the raccoon apparently taking a nap on the other side of the window.

Twitter celebrated as it reached the roof at 03:00am (07:00 BST) where cat food was waiting inside a trap.

Whatever fate awaits the wild creature, it's now achieved whatever level of fame an animal hits when it gets multiple Twitter accounts.

If only everyone would keep rooting for the raccoons of the world, whether they be a building-scaling hero or simply a mother navigating a neighborhood with her kits.

On Tuesday, the raccoon slowly scaled the building, reaching the 23rd floor as its legend grew on social media with every floor it climbed.

Dubbed #mprraccoon by Minnesota Public Radio, the animal was first spotted Tuesday morning just a few stories off the ground - then it started to climb.

The raccoon's adventures caused a stir on social media, with many on Twitter concerned about the safety of the animal or joking about the drama surrounding the daring crawl to the top.

There is not a whole lot that St. Paul Animal Control can do because a rescue mission would be too unsafe for both the raccoon and the workers.

Hollywood director James Gunn offered to donate $1,000 to charity to anyone who saved the raccoon.