E3 2018: PS4's Death Stranding Announces Two More Celebrity Stars

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Kojima is a masterful game designer and storyteller and so far all the trailers that have been released have only generated more intrigue as to what the game would be about. Then we're treated to star Norman Reedus walking around the somewhat alien landscape, with robot tractor drones and a whole back full of boxes, nearly like a one-man Oregon Trail.

For more on Sony's E3 presence, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We also found out during his after-presentation interview with Geoff Keighley that he's the only playable character in the game.

The little gameplay shown, however, doesn't make clear what the game is really about. Each trailer released for the upcoming title appears more weird - and intriguing - than the last. For now, we just have to be content with this new trailer from E3 2018. Stealth seems to be a solid part of the gameplay, given what we've seen tonight. At the end of the trailer we got another addition to the super star cast with Lidnsay Wagner appearing. We know that Mads Mikklesen ("Rogue One: A Star Wars Story", "Doctor Strange", "Hannibal") is going to play a role.

According to Hideo Kojima, this fourth Death Stranding trailer answers some clues from the previous three trailers and features some actual gameplay.

Here's hoping more information about the game surfaces during the rest of the week at E3.

Here's a short description about the game: "From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all new, genre defining experience for the PlayStation®4". However, she is represented by her younger self inside the game...for the time being, at least.