U.S., Canada and Mexico to Host World Cup in 2026

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For years, North America has looked at avenues to grow its game, and while some may argue that a 48-team competition will dilute the World Cup field, for CONCACAF and the rest of the World Cup it opens up a brand-new opportunity for teams that have previously been left at the alter.

Prior to the vote, FIFA's inspections report favored the North American bid, highlighting three "high risk" elements in Morocco's bid: stadiums, hotels and transport.

Delegates had been faced with a clear choice - the joint North American bid boasts modern, established stadiums and well-developed transport links underpinned by Mexican football fervour. Even if Trump wins re-election, his presidency would end before the 2026 World Cup. The US will see the majority of the action, however, hosting 60 of 80 matches, including the final at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, per the New York Times.

The 2026 World Cup will be the first tournament played in the expanded 48-team format, up from the current 32 countries.

The socks are red and Montopoli wore them when Canada won the right to host the 2015 Women's World Cup as well as the 2012 and 2016 women's Olympic bronze-medal matches.

The FA was among the first to congratulate the US' joint bid with Mexico and Canada.

"Canada, Mexico, and the United States are ready to welcome the world to North America and serve as stewards of the largest FIFA World Cup in history".

Ryan Gaydos is an editor for Fox News.

The English Football Association revealed it had voted for the United 2026 bid in a statement.

Hence the reason why they are so strong-minded about the thorny issue of the four overseas USA territories who Morocco believes should not be allowed to vote because of a conflict of interest. But in the modern world, commercial clout and the promise of safe, sophistated infrastructure invariably carry more weight than passion and legacy - as Morocco seem likely to find to their cost when the race to stage the 2026 World Cup reaches its denouement tomorrow. "We appreciated that as much as you can do, you are not guaranteed victory", he said.

The games in Canada will be divided between Montreal, Edmonton and Toronto.

In a bid process that lasted 15 seconds, FIFA revealed that Nigeria, through the Nigeria Football Federation president, Amaju Pinnick, voted for Morocco.

This is against Morocco's $7.2 billion revenue estimation.

Cordeiro claimed the 2026 World Cup will generate $14 billion in revenue - that is an $11 billion profit for Federation Internationale de Football Association.

Chief among those is US President Donald Trump, whose "America First" approach might score well with his electoral base but may have made the United bid's task harder than it could ever have imagined.

The key number is 104 but there is also the weird and unprecedented scenario where both bids get rejected.

"The possibility of hosting the World Cup in Canada would be an absolute game-changing event for the sport in this country", deVos told Sportsnet this week.