Raccoon scales St. Paul office tower, captivating public

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A raccoon spotted in downtown St. Paul Tuesday morning scaled a building and went 20 stories up.

The raccoon sits on the ledge of an office window. At one point, a small crowd had gathered on the street to see what would happen next.

Paige Donnelly Law, which is also located in the UBS building, posted some close-up shots of the varmint, which the law firm said "seems to be doing well". That's when it started climbing.

Yes, because this is 2018 there was a Twitter stream dedicated to a racoon who climbed the building and people were actually watching it.

Though the roof was ready with baited traps, the latest updates appear to show the raccoon descending the building after reaching as high as the 23rd floor.

Concerned that the raccoon had become trapped, Twitter users called for a host of inventive solutions, including sending up a hot air balloon to take the raccoon to safety.

"Any other measures we think would endanger him".

One lucky racoon in the United States has not only made it (to the top of a building, that is), but has also gained world-wide attention for its dare-devil antics. St. Paul Animal Control believed it may have been there all night before it started heading skyward.

Whatever fate awaits the wild creature, it's now achieved whatever level of fame that an animal hits when it gets multiple Twitter accounts.