North Korea says Trump OKs gradual disarmament

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At a news conference after the meeting, Trump said he had discussed the abduction issue with Kim, although it was not included in a joint document signed by the two leaders.

Moon Seong Mook, a former South Korean military official, said Trump's comments on the drills confirmed what many in South Korea had feared all along - that North Korea would attempt to drive a wedge between Washington and Seoul and gain substantial concessions from an unconventional USA president who thinks much less of the traditional alliance than his predecessors.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have reportedly exchanged mutual state visit invitations during a historic Singapore summit, where the North Korean leader emphasized the need to halt hostile and irritating actions against each other.

Citizens watch a live broadcast of the North Korea-U.S. summit in Singapore, Tuesday. He said he hopes the summit will lead to a friendly relationship between the 2 sides.

After the hours-long summit, Trump declared it had been "very successful", and that Mr. Kim has a "great personality".

"All of our members have served in combat and we understand the importance of bring our war dead home to bring closure to families", said Veterans of Foreign Wars National Commander Keith Harman.

The sanctions on North Korea will not be lifted until progress toward denuclearization is verified.

In fact MNSBC's Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough took to Twitter to express that he did have "many concerns" about the so-called "Shotgun Summit", but he also noted that he thought a handshake between the two leaders was "far preferable to them making war". Suddenly, it's gotten both; Trump's announcement that the USA would suspend military exercises with South Korea as part of the denuclearization process is essentially the "freeze-for-freeze" proposal Beijing has been pushing for years, and which previous US presidents had consistently rejected. North Korea has either cheated on or disregarded the agreements in the past.

"U.S. gives up one of our biggest negotiating chips - military exercises", tweeted Sen.

But if negotiations hold and the Korean peninsula moves toward peace and reconciliation, the US will slowly lose one of its most critical security footholds in Asia. "The goal of those exercises is to maintain the readiness of South Korean and United States forces to defend South Korea if necessary; they are a permanent necessity to maintain deterrence, not a bargaining chip".

A better line of criticism, the congressman argued, would be to demand to know why Trump considers diplomacy appropriate for North Korea but tore up the Iran nuclear agreement and has advocated more bellicose approaches in other Middle Eastern nations as well.

"The abduction issue is a bilateral matter that Japan ultimately has to solve under its own responsibility and negotiate with Pyongyang", Abe told reporters after the Trump-Kim summit, adding that Japan will make "utmost efforts" to put the decadeslong row to rest.

Trump said he expected the denuclearisation process to start "very, very quickly".

The statement seemed to surprise South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

They said Pakistan supplied vital machinery, drawings and technical advice to North Korea, allowing Pyongyang to enrich uranium as early as 2002.