Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition pre-orders already sold out

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Also, be sure to click right here for more from E3 2018! With that in mind Fallout 76 can be played in its entirety - alone.

"Fallout 4" made more than $750 million dollars in the first 24 hours it was released in November 2015, and previous year the company announced that the game was its all-time best seller. On top of that, the game takes place several years before all others, so much so that it will undoubtedly showcase a number of new characters within its mountainous West Virginia setting.

Thus far, Bethesda and Todd Howard have proven adept at teasing some meaty gameplay for Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 will see players assume the role of the first person to emerge from their underground bunker following the nuclear attacks, emerging to an "untamed and unfamiliar" wasteland. When you build a house, you are not committing to that parcel, as was the case in Fallout 4. "This game builds upon the building mechanics in the last game and sports it as one of its new core feature", Howard explained.

Watch the video of the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition to get motivated to drop $200 in the collector's edition of Fallout 76. Set in West Virginia players will vanguard the future of America after the great war.

Settlers are faceless individuals without names or any kind of backstory and there's not much actual meat to the entire settler system or mini-game. As we did not see any usage of V.A.T.S.in the Fallout 76 reveal - which is the pause and target different body parts combat - it might be sitting out Fallout 76. It's more "softcore survival", he says.

Players can explore the wasteland and fine missile silos which is you collect all the codes can be used to fire them at any point on the map. It has 16x the detail then any other Fallout game has had.

"You'll play with a dozen or so other people, You'll encounter real people along your travels".

Death in the game does not mean the loss of progression or the loss of one's character. Players will go on missions, experience a story, and level up. Everything about these enemies is created to call to mind the "dangerous hillbilly" stereotype, from their threadbare overalls to their broken shouts of "There you is!" when they spot the player character roaming their lands.

Also included are a map of the Fallout 76 world that glows in the dark and 24 plastic figurines with designs based on the game's 3D models.

Howard said in the presentation that the legacy of West Virginia from its many monster stories, its actual nuclear bunker and its veil of mystery as a little-known state, made it the ideal mystical place for a new "Fallout" landscape.