Toddler wandering dangerously close to highway rescued by quick-thinking cop

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According to a Naperville police spokesman, the boy ran out of his mother's home when she wasn't looking. "Mom was in the house with the kid, and in a fleeting second, child ran out of the house".

The sergeant pulled over and parked his squad vehicle to block traffic in the lane.

The video taken from Sgt. Anthony Mannino's dashcam shows the officer stopping near Route 59 and Gowdey Road, just north of Aurora Road.

A Naperville Police office rescued a toddler alone on a busy road in Naperville, Ill., May 2018. He responded quickly, parking his squad vehicle to block traffic and pulling the little boy to safety.

As a result of his quick-thinking response, Naperville PD awarded the sergeant with the department's Life Saving Award on June 7, the Facebook post said.

He told CBS 2 that at first he thought he spotted a stray dog. Police said it was an accident.

"I did what any of my peers would have done", Mannino said, "position that auto, get out and quickly corral that kid before something bad would have happened".