Skyrim For Alexa Is A Real Game Available Now

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However, if you don't have an Amazon device in your home then the good news is you can also play Skyrim: Very Special Edition on your iOS or Android device through the Amazon app. The game is a "massive first-person role-playing game" and will be the second Elder Scrolls game to make it to mobile.

Bethesda Softworks Some "Skyrim" fans took the video as a joke and believed it was a not-so-subtle nod to Bethesda's numerous remasters of the almost seven-year-old game, all of which have made their way to current generation consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. Instead of marching through Tamriel through your Switch or PS4, Very Special Edition lets you play the game through your personal assistant, Alexa.

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Bethesda Softworks

Last night, Bethesda poked fun at its penchant for porting Skyrim to any platform that will play it by announcing "Skyrim: Very Special Edition" for Alexa.

The video clip starts off with comedian Keegan-Michael Key casually sitting on a couch, pondering over which device to play by gesturing toward console controllers and a TV remote. If you've got an Alexa-enabled device, just ask it to "Open Skyrim".

So the Alexa Skyrim game basically feels like reading a choose your own adventure book.

Bethesda fully embraced internet snark during its E3 2018 press conference, with boss Todd Howard making daft references to a bunch of different jokes aimed at his company. The game offers you various options or questing and exploring. (Damn it.) But it's sure to be a hoot for those of you that want to see how it is.