E3 2018: BioWare Anthem launch date set for February 22, 2019

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For example, one strategy that the EA representatives who were playing the game utilized a lot was having one player shoot frost grenades at enemies, freezing them in place, while another player quickly dealt finishing blows with greater accuracy now that their enemies couldn't move. Community response to EA's decision resulted in the publisher backtracking on the extent to which additional paid add-ons would affect the player's experience in "Battlefront II" and future titles. Be sure to check it out and then let us know your own thoughts on Anthem, Battlefield V, and EA's showing as a whole at the bottom of the page. Unravel Two is available today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

At the end of EA's Play event ahead of the official E3 conferences, three members from BioWare took to the stage for a deep dive on the title - dropping a cinematic trailer alongside extended footage of gameplay.

A less satisfying revelation during the event is the new game that development studio Respawn is working on, which is called "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order". With its October 19 launch date looming, we're bound to finally see some live gameplay at E3. Put on your Javelin suit, boost out into the wilderness, and you can team up with other players again.

One of the most charming and sweet characters and settings in games is back, as Yarny the little creature made of string returns.

Perhaps one of the biggest announcements was that Battlefiled V would feature a new battle royale mode, following the footsteps of Battlefield's competitior Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. That's not exactly a problem, but did mean the once-a-year press conference was a little light on surprises, beyond the heavily-trailed reveal of Bioware's Anthem. It will also be released on September 7.

Anthem and Destiny are bound to be the subject of many comparisons as they both exist in the shared space shooter genre.

The highlight of the show came from Bioware's Anthem. The upcoming Unravel Two will feature a co-op mode where the players will undergo many hours of puzzle solving adventure, handsome landscapes and most important fostering friendship.

We were then introduced to an EA Originals supported studio called Jo-Mei and their handsome looking game called Sea of Solitude. You can can change gear and weapons on Javelin, and also customised the paint jobs and geometry of the suit.