E3 2018: EA Reveals Origin Access Premier And New Streaming Service

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Origin Access Premiere costs $14.99 a month or $99.99 a year, and subscribers get full access to EA's new games like Anthem and Battlefield V as well as the original selection of vault titles.

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson took the stage at EA Play 2018 to announce Origin Access Premier. EA's Origin Access Premier is a new streaming service for all of EA's top new titles. So far as games on the horizon goes, that means that you'll be able to play Anthem on February 15, 2019; Madden NFL 19 on August 2; Battlefield V on October 11; and Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 on September 20. Premier members will be able to access games as soon as a week prior to their release. It will give access to far more games along with other things, in the online library of EA.

Origin Access Premier is not the first time EA has tried their hands on subscription models for games.

The game is expected to launch simultaneously on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

Will Origin Access Premier be for you?

Battlefield V - October 11, 2018 for Origin Access Premier, October 19 for everyone else.

Subscriptions are quite important to EA and have helped rake in billions in revenue as part of its Live Services segment. This means one can flip around their fingers through the game just not only ahead of the rest, but also without owning it, unless one just seeks to have a permanent copy. How's it going to feel for people jumping in on the official release date to find players with five days worth of higher tier gear waiting for them? To learn more about member benefits for both EA Access*** visit www.ea.com/ea-access and for Origin Access Basic and Origin Access Premier visit www.origin.com/origin-access. Play any games that have already been added, as much as you want.