Yahoo Messenger Shuts Down, Directs Users To Group Messaging App ‘Squirrel’

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Squirrel is now invite-only, but hopefully the app will be open to the public by the time Yahoo Messenger gets shuttered.

Yahoo announced today that its Yahoo Messenger chat program is being discontinued on Juy 17th 2018. One of them is Yahoo Squirrel, an invite-only group messaging app that's now in Beta.

Oath didn't immediately respond to request for comment. If you want to, you can download your chat history for the next six months by accessing this link.

Yahoo Messenger now ranks at 160 on iOS and 117 on Android, marking a fall from grace when it was the messenger service of choice for 2000s tweens.

As the web has evolved, the messaging space has become dominated by quite a few apps, chief among them WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, all owned by Facebook.

So if you want to step back in time a bit, back to when the telegram was still around and the iPhone was still nearly a decade away, slide on over to Yahoo Messenger for the next month.

Head over to the downloader request site.

Yahoo Messenger launched on March 9, 1998 as Yahoo Pager, and then got its iconic rebranding on June 21, 1999. The most notable among them was the Unsend feature, which allowed users to retrace their footsteps and undo sending messages.

Yahoo has never publicly disclosed how many active users Yahoo Messenger had, only going so far as to say hundreds of million of people have used it over the 20-year life span of the product, according to TechCrunch. This gave users the ability to use the service while on mobile devices. There was a time when Messenger meant Yahoo Messenger.

Many were surprised to learn that Yahoo Messenger is still in operation after all these years. "Messenger since its beginning as one of the first chat apps of its kind", Yahoo! acknowledged in posting the death notice.