Is First Lady Melania Trump Still Recovering from Kidney Procedure?

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And on Wednesday, she made a more public appearance, her first since May 10, to participate in an event with her husband discussing disaster preparedness.

Her style remained unchanged.

Mr Trump earlier said the 48-year-old Slovenia-born former model was "doing really well!".

The first lady had not been seen for nearly a month after she had received medical treatment for a benign kidney condition on May 14.

Doctors not involved in the first lady's care said embolization is commonly used to remove a type of noncancerous kidney tumor called an angiomylipoma.

He added: "The people love you".

No argument from Joe Scarborough, who agreed entirely that "it would be a "vicious" and "unfair" person would lie about a loved one having a facelift for the objective of causing pain and embarrassment".

Others cheered her coming back.

She spent almost a week in the hospital and was rarely seen since.

The details given by the president on Friday also do not match up with the surgical or recovery timeline for a typical embolization procedure with no complications, according to experts.

White House silence, including about why Melania spent five days in hospital for a routine procedure, only fuelled the speculation.

But speculation mounted as week after week passed without a public appearance, spawning wild theories about where she might be and what might have happened to her. "She's holed up with the Obamas, working on a tell-all book about her husband - unless she had a secret nip and tuck, in which case she's just healing". She wore a simple black dress, which you can see if you squint real hard at those pics above. But over the past half century, it has become the expectation that people know the basic narrative of the first lady's activities.

Fox News Channel, Trump's favorite cable network, aired a segment this week in which the hosts of one of its shows criticized news reports about the first lady. Several reporters, though, did. Journalists were not granted access out of respect for the families, meaning Mrs. Trump was seen only by those who attended.

- wrote the President of the United States on his Twitter page.

Even some of the president's opponents might agree with Tweet.