Horwath and the NDP win majority government in province-wide Student Vote

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Wynne said her speech was meant as a thank you rather than a concession, since she already admitted last weekend that her party would lose.

Officials said primary day is sure to be busy.

In the weeks immediately following the NDP's stunning 2015 breakthrough in Alberta, Mulcair's federal party vaulted into the lead in national public opinion polls, riding Notley's coattails.

But the 2018 provincial election campaign featured a notable increase in the number of Indigenous candidates running for the three major parties.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp projected that Ford's party would win the majority of seats in the provincial legislature, giving Ford broad powers to pass legislation. The Liberals were poised to win just seven seats, short of the eight needed to maintain official party status to fully participate in the legislature. He takes the over new role from outgoing premier and Liberal Party politician Kathleen Wynne. Andrea Horwath and the NDP nearly doubled their seat count, rising from 21 in 2014 to 40.

Rath said the social and cultural shift that propelled Donald Trump to the US presidency in 2016 was also a factor in Ontario's election, where Tory Leader Doug Ford used populist messaging to appeal to voters.

Tanya Granic Allen, president of Parents As First Educators, also lauded the Conservative victory.

"I am humbled that Ontarians have asked us to serve as the new Official Opposition", a beaming Horwath told them.

Horwath was a city councillor in the steel industry city of Hamilton before becoming the first woman to lead her party.

"It's hard to gauge what motivates people to register to vote", she said.

"The man who saved the Jesus Parade, who promises to repeal the radical elements of sex ed".

"They don't call me the Steeltown Scrapper for nothing", Horwath said recently. "We can't stay here", Wynne said, adding: "I hope that you can feel very proud of what we have done together in the past and absolutely determined to take on the task that lies ahead".

"We mailed out about 248,000 vote-by-mail ballot envelopes and we received about 54,000 in so far", Brandi Orth, Fresno County clerk registrar of voters, said.

The revised curriculum, which Ford has falsely claimed forces students to learn about "six different genders and all the nonsense", gives teachers tools to address issues like consent and LGBT identities. He beat out establishment favourite Christine Elliott after former leader Patrick Brown stepped down over sexual misconduct allegations that he denies.

The last few days of Ford's campaign were dominated by news of a lawsuit against him from Rob Ford's widow alleging mismanagement of the family business.

Granic Allen was subsequently easily elected PC Party candidate for Mississauga Center. The Liberals faced a loss of 50 seats overall - which was obviously a very disappointing outcome for leader Kathleen Wynne.

Campaign Life Coalition backed Granic Allen in both her PC Party leadership and candidacy bids, and was foremost among those blasting Ford for kicking her out of the party.

He campaigned on the promise of a "Ford Nation", the name the Ford brothers adopted years ago to represent the populist conservative agenda they shared.

"While the results were wonderful for the PC Party, had Doug not fired Tanya, they would have had a lot more seats", Fonseca told LifeSiteNews.