French Authorities Release Statement On Anthony Bourdain's Passing

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But one question still remains.

He had been dating Italian actor Asia Argento since 2017.

Bourdain leaves behind a daughter, 11-year-old Ariane.

Speaking to The Guardian in January 2017, Bourdain reflected on his chaotic life in the kitchens, saying he had finally "put aside my psychotic rage, after many years being very bad to line cooks, abusive to waiters, bullying to dishwashers".

Two days after Anthony Bourdain's death, his fans were hungrier than ever for his books - with his works scoring six of the top 10 slots on's best-seller list Saturday. "I communicate for a living but I'm awful at communicating with people I care about". "I have a restless, creative mind".

In the UK, Jamie Oliver said that Bourdain "broke the mould". "She made it incredible". "I think we're all anxious".

"Whenever we lose somebody close to us to suicide, it affects us all greatly", Draper said.

So a long distance relationship worked between Bourdain and Argento. Photo: AAPIt isn't clear how or why he killed himself, but tests are being done.

TMZ may have the answer to that question. "She just really paved the way for women in such a huge way that I don't think a lot of people know about her".

Chefs Eric Ripert (L) and Anthony Bourdain attend a screening of "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown: Japan with Masa" in New York City.

The week before that, the couple were together in Florence, Italy, and still appeared to be happy and romantic.

Yesterday, we found out that Anthony did show signs of depression.

In 2016, Bourdain spoke with CBS News' Anthony Mason.

Tweeting her article in October past year, Bourdain addressed his girlfriend and her allegations at the once-powerful Hollywood producer.

"Anthony loved drinking and eating, tasting the delights of the world immersing himself in other cultures and countries - bringing the rest of us along on his journey", Cooper said, showing many clips of Bourdain's show "Parts Unknown".

After he and Putkoski split, Bourdain said he coped by self-medicating and behaving "in a completely irresponsible and suicide way". "A spiritual guide once told me suicide is the most selfish act a human can execute and I was confused but she explained there's just no mental place further away from humanity and objective than the hypnotised numbness that creates the false picture of despair, that forces the victim, unaware, to believe, life's legacy is over". I wish him peace. "I was doing everything possible-smoking pot, drink-driving-to invite that".

"It's hard to imagine he's gone".

"It wasn't that it was even a contentious divorce, there was no long, litigious battle; it's just a awful thing when a relationship that great ends", he added. "It's impossible to fathom how quickly one's life can change".

Gladys said Ripert had told her that "Tony had been in a dark mood these past couple of days, but she had no idea why he might have chose to kill himself".

The cause of death for celebrity chef and CNN "Parts Unknown" host, Anthony Bourdain, has been revealed.

"You know who you are", she captioned the post, according to People.