Anthem Release Date Leaked via Amazon Italy

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The game has been announced to release February 22, 2019.

Electronic Arts kicked off E3 last night with (a bit 0f) a bang, with its conference serving up a whole lot of Anthem.

Anthem When Destiny coined the term "shared-world shooter", it was basically the only game in town. Player characters, called Freelancers, will don one of four specialized mechanized suits known as Javelins to do battle in an open-world environment. Bioware wants to make sure that players will have an ongoing service that will provide a steady stream of content to play through as time goes on.

For more massively multiplayer fun, check out the best MMOs on PC. Combat missions out in the field will be offered to players after suiting up and making decisions in Tarsis, but it's now unclear how many Mass Effect-like branching opportunities will actually unfold in this Tarsis experience.

ANTHEM, with the greatest of respect, does not look like a BioWare game. The studio also confirmed that whatever interactions players will have with NPCs in zones like Fort Tarsis, those will not include any romances, breaking from the traditions established in the likes of Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

EA have just revealed more about Anthem during their EA play show with three of the Bioware team on stage to talk about the game, General Manager Casey Hudson, Executive Producer Mark Darrah, and Lead Writer Catheleen Rootsaert. While the game looked gorgeous in its new trailer, EA recently released a new set of screenshots for the game that further highlights the attractive graphics. They also announced two new smaller games published via EA's EA Originals programme, Sea of Solitude and Unravel Two, which will be released today.

EA Play has typically given fans several new trailers for their upcoming games, most notably Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 and other sports titles. Thee will still be cosmetic DLC, but zero play to win. The game will be set betweent episodes 3 and 4 of the movies.