Microsoft to offer the Xbox One X for $50 off during E3

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However, the 4K console's price may be a little bit easier to swallow soon as Microsoft has announced a sale on the gaming system and other discounts throughout E3 and beyond. And check out our list of games expected to be released on the Xbox One X in the near future, just in case you do decide to take advantage of this first-time-ever sale.

Gamers interested in the Xbox One S console can save some money, with the 500GB Xbox One S console retailing for $199.99 Dollars.

Xbox One S Bundles for $249: One of the easiest ways to save money on a new console is by purchasing a bundle with a game you meant to purchase anyway. All controllers are $10 off. First-party games are discounted by as much as 75 percent. The sale will comprise exclusive deals and discounts on numerous games, Live Gold subscriptions, accessories, and Xbox Game Pass.

The "Biggest Xbox Sale of the Year" drops on June 7th and runs through to June 23rd. The same deal applies to Xbox Game Pass. But if you're buying one anyway, you might not want to risk it.

For those that have stayed away from Xbox's two subscriptions offerings - and - Microsoft is enticing them with a limited-time introductory offer: $1 (about Rs. 67) for the first month. Seagate, Turtle Beach, and Hyperkin will all offer discounts on officially licensed products as well. See below for some of our favorite games that are on sale during the E3 event.

Xbox One S 500GB consoles are also $199, while supplies last. Or are you going to load up on cheap games? More details can be found here. The deals will be available through most major retailers and the Microsoft Store.