White House Aide Who Made Crude Joke About McCain Leaves Job

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This immediately set off a firestorm as the White House focused on the outrage of the leaks more than the outrage of the comment itself. Sadler reportedly blamed her boss, White House strategic communications director Mercedes Schlapp, who rebuffed Sadler's accusations.

But instead of a mass exodus, people are expected to leave one by one or in small groups as the White House tries to avoid a spate of negative headlines, or the impression that it's firing people for allegedly leaking information without any tangible evidence. John McCain (R-AZ) being irrelevant because she predicted he would soon succumb to brain cancer.

A White House aide who made a widely-condemned comment about the failing health of Arizona Senator John McCain has left her job in the Trump administration. It was not clear whether Sadler was sacked or forced to resign.

The White House did not publicly denounce Sadler's remark about McCain but asserted that it respects "McCain's service to our nation".

ABC News reported that White House press secretary Sarah Sanders later called the comment about McCain "unacceptable" in a closed-door staff meeting but went on to criticize the leakers.

Sadler reportedly told Trump at an Oval Office meeting that Schlapp was behind several leaks while Schlapp was in the room.

Sadler told colleagues last month they should disregard McCain's opinion on President Donald Trump's Central Intelligence Agency nominee because "he's dying anyway," a remark that led to a torrent of criticism.

In recent weeks, the White House had been planning the best way for Sadler to exit, according to an administration official that spoke with CNN.