Warner Bros. accidentally leaks Hitman 2 ahead of reveal

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In case you're wondering, Square Enix released the latest Hitman game in an episodic form. After 2012's Hitman: Absolution was launched to a lukewarm reception, IO Interactive (the franchise's creator and developer) fell into a bit of a lurch, eventually being purchased by Square Enix.

Hot on the heels of teasers popping up on Twitter, it looks like someone has jumped the gun and leaked Hitman 2, the logo for the game briefly appearing on the site of new publishing partner Warner Bros. However, now it's clear as day that fans of the 2016 iteration of Hitman will be getting what looks like a full-blown sequel to the game, instead of another "Season" of new content like the previous game employed.

About a couple of months ago, it was announced that the long-running stealth-action video game series known as Hitman officially received a new publisher as the development company IO Interactive teamed up with Warner Bros. The tweet says "Good afternoon, 47".

The existence of a logo for Hitman 2 suggests that 6pm United Kingdom this Thursday we will see a sequel officially announced. Your next target is.