Melania Trump to re-emerge Monday at reception for Gold Star families

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The first lady was last seen May 10, when she and the president welcomed home three Americans who had been released from detention in North Korea. This has caused some consternation regarding her wellbeing - something that the White House's attempts to address haven't really, well... addressed.

Spouses often accompany leaders to G7 meetings.

Presidential officials said Melania, 48, would instead be staying at the White House in Washington DC this weekend.

Last year, Melania Trump made her worldwide debut when she joined the president for his first G7 trip to Taormina, Italy, where she participated in public appearances with the spouses of other G7 leaders. This year's summit will be held in Quebec on Friday and Saturday.

For comparison, Hillary Clinton's calendar from her time as first lady shows only two days without a public engagement in June 2000.

Melania's disappearance has been noted by people who believe her husband may have written a tweet professing that she is OK which appeared to use her husband's signature syntax. But, this week the President attempted to reassure the media by telling them that his wife is doing great. Grisham says that the First Lady would like to be out in public promoting her initiatives, but her health does come first.

The first lady underwent an embolization procedure on Monday, May 14, likely to remove a cyst from her kidney.

Then, on May 30 an update popped up on the First Lady's Twitter account. In April, she represented her husband's administration at former first lady Barbara Bush's funeral. This lead to a rise in her popularity, with 57 percent of people surveyed in a CNN poll having a favorable impression of her, which was up from 47 percent in January.

Conspiracy theories are growing and not likely to stop with the latest news of the first lady's absence.

"Mrs. Trump is very strong and independent", Grisham said.

Last Wednesday, Melania Trump tweeted in response to news stories about her absence from public view.