Here are your official petrol prices for June 2018

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What brought the crude oil prices down was the expectation that oil exporting countries would soon increase the output - a move that will normalise the oil supply.

As well as the higher global market price of crude, the pound's current weakness against the United States dollar also makes petrol more expensive as oil is traded in dollars. Petrol price was also reduced to Rs 80.47 per litre in Kolkata, Rs 85.65 per litre in Mumbai and Rs 80.80 litre in Chennai.

During the past three months, unleaded petrol prices have jumped by 5.1 per cent to an average of 142.5 cents a litre, consumer website found.

While the price of oil passed the $80 a barrel mark (£60) - the price which equates to 4% of GDP - two times during May.

Fuel prices dropped for the seventh consecutive day as petrol and diesel prices were cut by 13 paise and 9 paise, respectively, on Tuesday.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: "May was a hellish month for motorists".

The Energy Department has attributed the latest hike on the weaker rand and rising oil prices.

'For many people there is little alternative to the vehicle for the majority of journeys they have to make, so it is therefore very hard to avoid feeling the pinch of rising pump prices'.

This time a year ago, motorists breathed a sigh of relief with a 23 cents drop per litre of petrol and 25 cents for diesel.

He also said there was talk that the next Opec meeting in Vienna on 22 June might result in a change of policy for the oil cartel, which has been restricting supply to bolster prices.