Doug Ford won't say if he will march in annual Pride parade

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She says she will keep campaigning up until Thursday and won't say if she will stay on a Liberal leader after the election.

Even though Wynne conceded yesterday she would not be Ontario's premier after Thursday's vote, she still urged people to vote for Liberal candidates and stop the Progressive Conservatives or the NDP from forming a majority government.

Wynne, who first entered politics as a school trustee in 2000, said at the beginning of the campaign that she believed her party could turn the tide.

"If I think there is a really strong chance the Conservatives would get in, then I would tend to be more strategic and vote Liberal", Keatinge said.

The move did not sit well with NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who accused Wynne of "playing a risky game" that could propel the Tories to a majority. "She's demonstrated today that she speaks directly to the people", he said.

Ford, meantime, refused to be pinned down on whether he would attend Toronto's annual Pride parade if he's elected premier on June 7.

Her plea comes at a time when polls suggest the Liberals, who have been trailing behind the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats, could be at risk of losing official party status after the June 7 vote. And that the next government is held to account to all voters.

"It wasn't expected", he said, adding he thought it was responsible and practical.

But it is not clear how Ford could come down hard on polluters without a price on pollution. "And given that reality, there are serious decisions that voters in Ontario have to make".

But women fought to get the right to vote.

"It's for protecting Ontarians".

Doug Ford wants Ontario municipalities to have the same kind of strong-mayor system as many big cities in the US, saying a more powerful chief magistrate would be preferable to the "free-for-all" of current councils. "She's saying, 'I'm not going to destroy this organization with my own personal hubris'". "That's my main focus for the next six days", he said. "We know Andrea Horwath and her NDP team will stand up not just for these industries, but specifically for workers in Ontario", said Ken Neumann, USW National Director. For the adult daughter who does all she can to care for her aging parents while she also scrambles to find safe, affordable child care for her own toddler.

The Liberals have been trailing the NDP and PCs in the polls, and Wynne admits her party can not win the June 7th vote.

Asked about Ford's non-answer, Wynne used the opportunity to take a jab at Ford for other issues that he hasn't yet answered.

Dan Benoit also lives in the riding, and said he was already leaning toward voting for Cameron Montgomery, the PC candidate.