YouTube to launch a premium music service

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YouTube has tried its hand at a music streaming service a couple of times already, but they failed to make a real impact against the clout of Spotify and Apple Music.

As for the YouTube Premium subscribers of the new service will be able to watch original YouTube content without ads, play videos in the background, you can download videos and view exclusive content.

YouTube Music Premium can be subscribed for $9.99, which needs to be paid other than YouTube Premium for ad-free music, background listening and downloads.

Going live next Wednesday, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Mexico and South Korea will be among the first to trial the new service. It said the app's home screen lets you scroll through lots of recommended music and playlists, including "individualized selections of new releases, a My Mixtape personalized playlist, collections similar to an artist you've been listening to a lot lately, a selection called Throwback Jams, before you get to recommended music videos and professional clips of live performances".

Now Google is hoping the latest changes to its various subscription services will finally start to gain traction among music fans and help it to be a real player in the paid-for music-streaming space.

The launch of YouTube Music and rebranding of YouTube Red will hopefully provide some much-needed clarity and cohesion to Google's streaming strategy.

Another report states that existing YouTube Red users would continue to pay $9.99 for YouTube Premium, but would be asked to pay $9.99 separately for YouTube Music.

One of the selling points for YouTube Music will be the ability to harness the endless amount of information Google knows about you, which it will use to try to create customised listening experiences. The existing YouTube Red and Google Play Music subscribers will get the features they currently enjoy for the same price they pay right now.

YouTube remains the biggest video site on the internet, with over 1.8 billion accounts watching each month.

Next, what will happen to Google Play Music?

Simultaneously, the company will pour more content to the Originals. The YouTube Red will be available at a price of $11.99 per month for the new users.

Oh, and speaking of YouTube Red: it's gone now. The YouTube premium membership will also give access to the revamped YouTube Music's premium tier.