World Health Organization gets Congo's go-ahead to launch Ebola vaccination experiment

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Health workers have recorded two confirmed cases, 22 probable cases and 17 suspected cases of Ebola in three health zones of Congo's Equateur province, and identified 432 people who may have had contact with the disease.

The Senate also urged the Minister of Interior to take necessary steps to check immigration, just as it asked the Minister of Health to ensure alertness to combat whatever cases that might arise and get Ebola vaccines ready for an emergency.

So far, 19 people have died of Ebola in DRC. Health workers would be among the first to receive vaccinations, according to Ilunga. Nine other suspected cases were announced Thursday.

The worst Ebola outbreak yet started in December 2013 in southern Guinea, before spreading to two neighbouring West African countries, Liberia and Sierra Leone, killing more than 11 300 people out of almost 29 000 registered cases.

The Senate on Tuesday adopted various resolutions to prevent an outbreak of ebola virus in Nigeria. While none has been connected to the one in West Africa, the experimental vaccine is thought to be effective against the Zaire strain of Ebola found in Congo.

The WHO is planning to begin a vaccination campaign in the area, near the border with the Republic of Congo, using an available stockpile of an experimental vaccine. In his contribution, Victor Umeh (APGA, Anambra Central), said alarm raised by Tinubu on Ebola via the motion was timely "because prevention is better than cure as Ebola dealt a bad blow on the country in recent past, with the loss of medical personnel and some other people".

Patta also reports that a crucial difference between the two outbreaks is the speed at which global agencies have responded.

"The Senate also notes the report of World Health Organization stating that Nigeria and other African countries are at modest risk of spread".

"This time, they've wasted no time", she said. There have also been eight cases and 115 contacts in Iboko health zone. "So it means this first shipment would be probably enough for around 25-26 rings - each around one confirmed case".