What Is 'Google One' And Do You Need To Care?

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Titled "Access to Google experts", the company notes that this feature is born out of how "People who use a lot of storage tend to use a lot of other Google products". Everyone gets their own private storage space as well as the additional benefits of Google One.

Google has taken a giant step in the direction of cloud storage options for its several services. As reported by The Verge, Google One's cheapest plan offers 100GB of cloud storage for just $2 per month. The company also added that if you already have a 1TB storage plan, it will be upgraded to 2TB for free.

Google is in the process of revamping the plans offered for storage and the premium plans for Google Drive to the latest plan with variety of benefits, which is being termed as Google One.

A consumer would be undoubtedly happy if he/she will be able to max out 100 GB with 4K videos and high-res images these days, but it also provides a feature of one-tap access to Google experts to solve any issue, or for a help with any google consumer product and services, it is the only feature that explains the new brand name.

Google is offering new data plans in the entry level segment under Google One service which will also let the users easy access to the company's live customer support team as well.

One of the most common requests we've received is for storage plans to be sharable within a family.

Google has launched a new budget-friendly cloud storage service.

Google rebranded its cloud storage Google Drive and updated the line of tariffs for its use. All google consumer services, including drive, YouTube Red, and play music or whatever becomes of that, available with a single subscription. One of its attractive features is that we can share our storage quota with up to five family member. Previously, 24-hour customer support was restricted to enterprise users of Google Drive.

The upgrade from Google Drive to Google One will start in US, and more countries will be covered over time. Even if a user has the $2 per month plan, he or she can still access Google's unparalleled customer support.

Over the past couple of years there have been some hints about Google beginning a shift towards selling services, besides things like Gmail and Search.