Bill Gates has some scary anecdotes about Donald Trump

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Among other anecdotes, Gates is seen telling an audience about how, in both of his meetings with Trump, the president asked if there's a difference between HIV and HPV.

Recalling his two dealings with the president - first in 2016 in NY, then at a meeting at the White House previous year - Gates said that "both times he wanted to know if there was a difference between HIV and HPV so I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other".

Gates said Trump had met his daughter Jennifer, 22, at an earlier event in Florida. However, Gates did go on to say he was not sure if Trump was actually serious about offering him the job or not.

About 20 minutes after talking to Jennifer at the event, Gates said Trump reappeared in style, flying in on a helicopter to the same place he had just been. "Melinda [Gates] didn't like that too much". In April, Gates said that Trump offered him a role as White House science advisor, which he declined, saying that it was "not a good use of my time". The crowd was of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation employees, according to MSNBC. "So I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other".

Bill Gates exits an elevator before speaking to reporters at Trump Tower, December 13, 2016 in New York City. "So clearly he had been driven away and he wanted to make a grand entrance on a helicopter", Gates said. Gates also described how weird it sounded when the president referred to himself in the third person in one of the meetings. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) weakens the immune system destroying important cells that fight disease and infection and can lead to AIDS. "He said, 'Trump hears that you don't like what Trump is doing.' And I thought, 'Wow, but you are Trump'". In most cases, people with HPV do not have health problems, but the virus can cause cancer. Those plans that have since stalled-also thanks to Gates, who said he told Trump "No, that's a dead end, don't do that".

"In both of those two meetings, he asked me if vaccines weren't a bad thing, because he was considering a commission to look into the ill effects of vaccines..."

"I never met Donald Trump before he was elected". Gates, ever the optimist, suggested that Trump focus on something big, like accelerating the search for an HIV vaccine.