A Grey's Anatomy Triple-Wedding

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She's talked about moving to NY with Sofia so the little girl can grow up near both of her mothers and it looks like she'll be taking Dr. Herman's offer as a vehicle to build a new career.

On the day of Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex's (Justin Chambers) wedding, just about everything that could go wrong did. (Matthew had since remarried, but lost his wife during the birth of their baby, Ruby, who survived.) Soon enough, things once again took a dark turn, as they are wont to do on this hospital drama: April almost died in a vehicle accident-an experience that led her to quit her job as a trauma surgeon at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to instead, as we learned this week, work with homeless communities. As it turns out, they were all on time - for someone else's wedding (I guess the fact they didn't notice a non-Alex groom standing at the alter the whole time can be chalked up to creative license).

"I can't wait to see you!" she wrote. But this is Grey's Anatomy and a wedding can never go off without a hitch.

Back at the ranch, news of Alex's potential move doesn't sit well with Meredith, which prompts her to offer Jo an attendee position at Grey-Sloan. It is unclear how April will make her exit.

After her heart attack this season, Bailey has had a new outlook on life.

Grey's Anatomy returns this fall on ABC. She is rushed to Grey-Sloan and Bailey is seemingly left to tend to the patient by herself until an unexpected Teddy shows up at the hospital to ask for a job. The group jumps into doctor mode and eventually saves her.

The episode ended with Meredith getting ordained online and officiating the wedding of Alex and Jo on a ferry. This, of course, came after Jo told Alex that she had gotten the minimally-invasive-surgery fellowship she applied for at MassGen... meaning, she and Alex might be moving to Boston. Toward the season's latter half, however, things started to turn around. Amelia takes her to a meeting.

Also, Bailey had taken the mother of the bride's misfortune as a sign and made a decision to take the trailblazer check she received - which by her reaction seemed to be a substantial amount - and go on sabbatical. Yep, April ends up going from wedding planner to bride in the space of 36 minutes.

The question is, is it Owen's?

Thursday night brings the season finale of Grey's Anatomy, and spoilers indicate that viewers will need tissues for this one.