Surgeon general helps fellow passenger who passed out on flight

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On Wednesday Jerome Adams, the US surgeon general, tweeted that Delta staff on his flight to Jackson, Mississippi, asked if there was a doctor on board to assist in a medical emergency.

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams attends show for Red Dress 2018 Collection Fashion Show at Hammerstein Ballroom.

It was not immediately clear what happened during the medical emergency. Neither the doctor nor the airline revealed what the passenger's medical issue was.

Dr. Jerome Adams, an anesthesiologist, said he assisted someone on a Delta Air Lines jet as he prepared to fly Wednesday to Jackson, Mississippi.

Evidently, the medical emergency was prompted by a passenger who suddenly lost consciousness.

Adams, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, reportedly was on a flight to Jackson, Mississippi, when flight attendants began asking passengers if their was a doctor on board.

After the patient woke up, Adams said it was best the plane return to the gate, and for the patient to be taken to the hospital for further evaluation. There is no word on what exactly caused the patient to lose consciousness or how he or she is now doing, but in Adams' tweet, he stated that the patient is doing well.

The surgeon general and two nurses escorted the patient off the plane and into the care of medics waiting at the gate.

Adams was sworn into office as the U.S. Surgeon General in September 2017.