OnePlus 6 passes YouTuber's burn, bend, and scratch durability tests

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Unsurprisingly, the premium built OnePlus 6 was able to pass the full range of practical, quirky, painful and outright unnecessary durability tests with flying colors.

The OnePlus 6 is finally official and our first impressions of the phone seem promising, but how durable is the new phone with its glossy glass back? These come in the form of scratch, burn, and bend tests.

This means that despite it's bigger screen size, it offers the same overall footprint as the OnePlus 5 and 5T.

OnePlus who also threw in splash resistance this time around, did not have an IP rating to show for it, but the company claims that the phone can withstand splashes and the accidental fall into the sink easily, but cannot withstand a dip into the pool. The front and rear sides of the OP6 developed scratches on level 6 of Mohs scale of hardness.

It is the most feature-packed smartphone that OnePlus has made yet.

On the back, OnePlus has again used the Gorilla Glass 5 panel that appears as tough as the frontal panel.

The camera glass can't be scratched with a razor blade, and neither can the fingerprint sensor underneath it.

OnePlus 6 received protection from water, however, the manufacturer has not announced the protection standards. The screen was then exposed to an open flame, which it survived for roughly 20 seconds, following which the pixels beneath the exposed area stopped responding permanently.

OnePlus 6 China OnePlus has launched the OnePlus 6 Avengers edition in China. The YouTuber found some flex, though the build didn't result in any cracks or kinks even with an impressive amount of force being pushed to bend the handset. "I believe this is in part due to the plastic lining between the glass and the metal frame but either way this new OnePlus flagship passes my durability test and is definitely daily driver material", the YouTuber said in the video.