Florida man killed and burned by exploding vape pen

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The Pinellas County's Medical Examiner ruled the death as accidental.

Tallmadge D'Elia, 38, was found dead in his family home on May 5 in a bedroom which was on fire, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

The projectile was from a section of an e-cigarette.

The exploding e-cigarette, manufactured by Smok-E Mountain Mech Works, was an unregulated type that lacked "safety features", according to the medical examiner contacted by WFTS. Users inhale the aerosol. E-cigarettes can come in many shapes and sizes; some are made to look like regular cigarettes, while others are larger devices such as tank systems or "mods".

The Food and Drug Administration said the exact causes of vape pen explosions are not yet clear, but could stem from battery-related issues.

An exploding e-cigarette killed a man after it started a fire and launched projectiles into his skull. Two pieces of the device were found in his cranium. "The vast majority of vaping devices on the market carry the same fire risk as other products that use lithium-ion batteries, such as cellphones and laptops".

This is the first death from an e-cigarette explosion in the US.

The U.S Fire Administration revealed that between 2009 and 2016, nearly 200 electronic cigarette incidents were reported. Firefighters found him in the upstairs bedroom at his home in St. Petersburg after a fire alarm. In 2013, Jennifer Ries was awarded $1.9 million when she suffered second-degree burns from an e-cigarette explosion while Los Angeles Superior Court is now investigating 10 civil suits filed across the state by injured e-cigarette users.

St. Petersburg authorities confirmed that a 38-year-old Florida man died after a faulty electronic cigarette blew up inside his mouth.

None of those cases was fatal.

"We've put the caution out before", Kiklas said.

You should also avoid using your phone or tablet charger to recharge your device. The company's explanation is that there must have been an issue with the atomizer or the battery.