Female Kent State Graduate Carries AR-10 on Campus

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"I have no apologies for my graduation photos", Bennett wrote in a follow-up tweet. The results? Photos that have swept social media by storm.

But since her pictures went viral, she has received positive, negative and even troubling reactions, including death threats.

But apparently, a recent college graduate from Kent State University in OH is elated about her graduation primarily because of the fact she could "finally arm herself" on the campus.

The 22-year-old conservative student activist was making the point that she had less rights to carry a weapon as a student on campus than she now has as a graduate.

But campus police can't always intervene fast enough, Bennett said, arguing that "pulling out a gun is easier than dialing 911".

"Students, staff, faculty, and third parties doing business with the university are further prohibited from possessing, storing, or using a deadly weapon while outside on university grounds, that is owned, operated or leased by the university", reads Kent State's policy, according to CBS News.

Bennett said that some of the feedback she's gotten has been "pretty harsh". The threats have been traumatic for Bennett. "They should take this white girl down".

"No, I'm armed. I don't know why they are threatening an armed woman". You think shooting at the National Guard would have gone well for you, tweeted another.

She said many people have attacked her for suggesting students should carry rifles on campus. Give him a call. One Twitter used commented, "If person of color was walking around campus with a gun the whole damn police station would come and shoot them in a second #WhitePrivilege".

"The tolerant and definitely-not-racist left wing at work here, folks", Bennett replied.

The recent college graduate addressed the backlash she received for having an "assault rifle" in the pictures and detailed that an AR-10 "fires at the same rate as any modern pistol".

On January 13, the woman defended Trump's alleged controversial statement deeming Haiti a "sh*thole country".

Bennett is the founder of Liberty Hangout at Kent University, an libertarian organization that states it promotes "peace, prosperity, and property rights since 2015". We believe in self-rule, self-determination, and non-aggression.