25-year-old enrolled, played basketball at Dallas ISD's Hillcrest High School

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North Mesquite Head Basketball Coach Phillip Randall was not the one who found him out, but he did help to confirm his identity to Hillcrest once one of the other former coaches had spotted him. I don't know how a 25-year-old playing high school basketball doesn't look like LeBron.

"We have some liberal policies for homeless students, but he knew that".

That story says Gilstrap-Portley claimed to be a Hurricane Harvey refugee and enrolled in August at Skyline High School, using the name Rashun Richardson. He was even named district's offensive player of the year.

The mother of a 14-year-old female student told the paper he dated her daughter while at Hillcrest High.

The 25-year-old was arrested last week and charged of tampering with government records and is now out on bond.

Gilstrap-Portley was booked into Dallas County Jail and reportedly was released Monday on $1,500 bond.

As it turns out, not only is he 25, but he graduated in 2011 as a star basketball player and he even tried out for a semi-pro basketball team. I saw him in the hallway we saw him here and there.

That coach also described Gilstrap-Portley to NBC DFW as having been an "average player", but, perhaps not surprisingly, he flourished among competitors as much as 10 years younger than him. So much for that.

While on the basketball team Gilstrap-Portley received praise, as Rashun Richardson.

But it was the first day of the second semester that stands out, especially for Issomala Dosso who was asked to give Gilstrap-Portley a tour of the school. "I don't know what, how [the school] let this slip through the cracks".

Although the woman said her daughter told her she did not have a sexual relationship with Gilstrap-Portley, the concerned parent admitted she never approved of her daughter's relationship a 17-year-old freshman. Her mother told the Dallas Morning News that she is "upset, frustrated and angry at the same time".

'If it's happening at Hillcrest, then it could be happening somewhere else.

Sandra Verduzco, a spokeswoman for the communications department of the Dallas Independent School District's Police Department, confirmed to Law&Crime that cops are looking into a "possible improper relationship" between Gilstrap-Portley and a student.