Wow Air flying to India

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Skuli Morgensen, founder and CEO of WOW Air said: 'I am thrilled to broaden WOW air's offerings and bring low fare worldwide flight service to India.

Budget air is in it for the long haul: Wow Air announced a new route servicing Delhi from nine US cities, starting December.

"The India-US nonstop takes the polar route that overflies Iceland".

Skuli Mogensen, Wow Air's founder and CEO, explained while speaking to NDTV that the cheap flights were available as part of the basic introductory fare and that additional taxes would apply to the price. The "Wow basic" one-way fare includes all taxes but excludes meals and check-in baggage, said an NDTV report quoting PTI. The other two fare options are "Wow plus" and "Wow comfy".

WOW air will be the second European airline in the world to deploy the most modern long-haul aircraft, the Airbus A330neo, for the route from New Delhi.

Meanwhile those in the USA can fly from Newark, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago O'Hare, Pittsburgh, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles and St. Louis.

The website showed the basic fare at Rs 24,999 for a ticket on December 7 and Rs 54,499 in the premium segment, reflecting the increased demand since the announcement by the airline.

"If you look at flights from India to North America, they actually go directly above Iceland", Mogensen said. As of spring 2018, the airline services 39 destinations across Europe and North America including Dublin, London, Paris, Berlin, and Copenhagen.

The airline on its website has claimed that travelling to NY with a couple of hours stop-over at Reykjavik would take about 20 hours.

Skúli Mogensen, founder, Wow Air, said: "We are delighted to announce our network expansion in to India".

Meanwhile, the airline CEO said was optimistic about the success of the airline in India.

Further, he said the "fares can absorb the rising crude oil prices unless it breaches the $100 mark".

It should also be noted that the airline does not offer refunds on these tickets, should you choose to cancel them for any reason. But once you're on their page, don't directly fill your travel details into the box that says "Book Your Flight".