World record set amid Everest climbing fever

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On Monday, supported by a team of Sherpa guides, Xia reached the summit in what the Himalayan Times says is the first successful double amputee climb from the Nepal side.

In 1975, Xia lost both feet to severe frostbite after giving a sick teammate his sleeping bag during a failed Everest bid while on the Chinese national mountaineering team.

His team had to turn back about 200 metres below the summit in a storm.

Nepalese authorities moved past year to ban double amputees - along with blind and solo climbers - from attempting to reach the summit.

The ruling was overturned by Nepal's top court in March, which branded it as discriminatory towards people with disabilities.

With the accomplishment, Xia became the first double amputee to scale the mountain from Nepal territory and just the second double-leg amputee to summit it overall, liaison officer Gyanendra Shrestha told the newspaper. "It also represents a personal challenge, a challenge of fate", Xia told AFP in April before heading to the mountain.

They were descending in hard conditions when Xia, then aged 26, gave up his sleeping bag to an ill climber, according to Chinese media.

Mark Joseph Inglis of New Zealand is the first double leg amputee to summit the world's tallest peak from the Chinese side.

About 7.30am on Monday, Xia finally reached the peak.

Xia Boyu conquered Everest at 8:40 a.m. Monday, accompanied by three Sherpas during his fifth attempt to scale the 29,029-foot mountain, an official for Nepal's Ministry of Culture and Tourism confirmed to the Kathmandu Post. A year later, Nepal suffered an 8.1 magnitude quake.

A Chinese climber who was crippled by frostbite on Everest more than 40 years ago has scaled the summit at the start of this year's climbing season.

And in 2016, he nearly had a successful climb and had only 200 metres left when a treacherous blizzard forced him to turn back.

He beat the previous speed record by nine days and was presented with an award at the peak.

The six other highest peaks are Denali (North America), Elbrus (Europe), Vinson (Antarctica), Aconcagua (South America), Kilimanjaro (Africa) and Papua New Guinea's Carstensz Pyramid (Australasia/Oceania). "I have to realise it", he said.

Plain, 36, from Perth, climbed Mount Vinson in Antarctica on January 16.

Chinese double amputated man reaches Everest.

"Three and a half years ago I was lying in hospital with a broken neck and at that time set myself the goal", he wrote on Facebook after reaching the summit.

Plain, the Australian climber, complained of long queues on the way to the summit.