The 17 richest young millionaire athletes in Britain

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The 11 billionaires, with a combined fortune of more than £16.2 billion, feature in the new edition of the Sunday Times Rich List, published on Sunday. Of the 1,000 people on...

The List says Robert Miller, 84, who co-founded the Duty Free Shoppers Chain and owns the 36,000 acre Gunnerside Estate in Richmond, is the richest person in Yorkshire with £2 billion, up £420 million. He has become the first industrialist to head the rich list. Eddie and Malcolm Healey are said to be in second place with £1.6 billion, up £120 million. Several of them arrived here as refugees, the list compilers said.

14 out of the 17 entries on the list were footballers, the wealthiest of whom is Gareth Bale, a former Tottenham forward now playing for Real Madrid.

Potter's female sidekick, Hermione Granger, played by Emma Watson saw her wealth in the Young Rich list rise by nearly $15 million to $68 million.

The paper has shared select rankings ahead of time, including a breakdown of the richest young entrepreneurs in Britain under the age of 30. "Aristocrats and inherited wealth has been elbowed out of the list and replaced by an army of self-made entrepreneurs". She is now 344th on the list, with a wealth of $501 million.

It said that of the richest 1,000 people in the United Kingdom, 145 were billionaires, compared to 134 a year ago. The billionaire count has risen to 145 - 11 more than a year ago.