OSCE urges Ukraine to refrain from harassing foreign journalists

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"Goodness, when we talk with a lot of our allies and partners overseas, they certainly have fallen victim and understand the influence and the reach of Russian propaganda".

Ukraine's state security agency has raided the offices of a Russian state-owned media outlet in Kyiv. "It is something that includes worldwide human rights law", Nauert added.

The report said that the raids took place at five sites that are used "specified media" (RIA Novosti-Ukraine - ed.) and at the place of residence of its individual functionaries.

The SBU claimed in an official statement that in the spring of 2014, Vyshynsky traveled to Crimea, where he personally took part in "propaganda campaigns aimed at supporting annexation and joining the peninsula to the Russian Federation" while working for the state-run RT news outlet, formerly Russia Today. A passport of a Russian citizen was found during the search of his office. I reiterate my call on the authorities to refrain from imposing unnecessary limitations on the work of foreign journalists, which affects the free flow of information and freedom of the media', the message said.

He recalled that "under the Helsinki Final Act, the OSCE participating States have committed to facilitating the conditions under which journalists from one participating State exercise their profession in another participating State".

The diplomat added that support of the media freedom across the world was very important for Germany.

"I completely agree with the fact that the worldwide community should finally provide an adequate reaction to the long-standing policy of oppressing Russian-language media in Ukraine".

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, who called the SBU's actions against RIA Novosti-Ukraine and Vyshynsky "disgraceful and scandalous", (RFE/RL) reported.

"Kiev authorities have any respect for the worldwide media whose position does not suit Kiev", spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in a statement. "We also call on Ukrainian authorities to stop harassing and obstructing Russian media operating in Ukraine".

Zakharova criticized the situation, when the Western states and worldwide organizations did not pay enough attention to these developments.