Laurel or Yanny? This audio clip is driving the internet insane

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Soon everyone from regular Joes to celebs like Ellen DeGeneres and JJ Watt were talking about it (Ellen thought it was Laurel, but Watt was Team Yanny).

Fresh from the blue slash gold dress, the grey slash pink shoes and every other possible "which one is it" meme on the Internet, comes this.

Either way, we know it's pointless trying to definitively call it. Now that this reporter only hears Yanny, all she wants to do is hear Laurel again.

Basically, if you change the pitch, you should be able to hear both.

"I messed with the audio file and discovered that basically, the lower frequencies say "Laurel"," Twitter user Jacob Livesay said.

"The low quality recording creates enough ambiguity in the acoustic feature that some listeners may be led toward the "yanny" perception", Story told PopSci.

Additionally, as people grow older the range of frequencies they can hear is often diminished, especially high frequencies. He played with the bass levels when made it easier to hear both.

Please just help us out here.

Maybe you've lost some of your hearing, or maybe your ears are just shaped differently? To some people, the word sounds like "yanny".

"Most likely the original recording was 'Laurel, '" he said. "Because it's noisy, your brain is filling in with what it thinks it should be". Some people swear they hear nothing but Laurel, while others can't fathom hearing anything but Yanny.