Fortnite 4.2 Delayed: Fortnite Downtime Rescheduled by Epic Games

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With that in mind, it stands to reason that while tons of people are playing the game, a lot of them are having problems as well. Until then, enjoy your last few cheeky games playing as Thanos.

However, Epic Games delayed the release of the patch after discovering an "issue" with the update.

Unfortunately, the specific cause of the delay is unknown, however, until it's released, while all of this week's challenges may be live right now, some of them will not be obtainable until further notice. So, there you have it. Now, that might seem like an easy feat, but several of us have tried in the GamesRadar office and there's definitely an issue with the Fortnite replay challenge not working.

This will all be happening around 9am, BST (despite the above message saying 8am, it's all down to region time difference, you see), which, as gamers already know, will put the servers down for a while the update takes shape.

Pundits have predicted a new Burst Assault rifle will be thrown into the mix with the update for PS4, Xbox One and mobile, after being bombarded with hints as they now played Battle Royale.

Needless to say, fans of Fortnite aren't too happy about the current development of events, but what can you do.

Usually this would be a nice easy challenge to kick things off, with Match Replays available from the Career Tab of the main Battle Royale screen. "We'll update you once we have a more accurate time frame".