DOJ and FBI Reportedly Investigating Cambridge Analytica and 'Associated US Persons'

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Facebook blocked around 200 apps for interfering with user's privacy and misusing their data.

Facebook has apparently shut-out the app as part of its sweeping audit of shady software on its site, which has impacted around 200 apps in total thus far.

News of the investigation comes roughly two months after the company was accused of secretly harvesting the personal data of at least 87 million Facebook users to better identify individuals that could be targeted and influenced by specific marketing material. The users of said accounts allegedly used a popular personality app which includes answering questionnaires. According to New Scientist, data like people's names, ages, genders, and relationship status - and even some status updates - of 3 million people was stored insecurely on a website that wasn't protected properly. They mentioned that the committee found Schroepfer's responses to questions lacking and asked Zuckerberg to appear or the Facebook CEO will face the consequences.

MPs have again criticised Facebook for submitting "insufficient" evidence to a parliamentary inquiry about how it handles data. Users can also know if Cambridge Analytica had access to their data.

Grabbing the login details from GitHub granted access to the sensitive data "in less than a minute" and has, in fact, been publicly visible on the website for the past four years. From researchers at universities to people at companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo - everyone had fun with your data and all the intimate answers entered in the quiz.

The internet and its increased adoption by people all over the world and the growing influence of social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are redefining the way people get in touch with each other. Alexander Kogan who is at the heart of the Cambridge Analytica situation was also listed on this project as a collaborator until 2014.

"We are investing heavily to make sure this investigation is as thorough and timely as possible". Another app, called "myPersonality" has now been revealed to have disclosed "intimate" details of at least three million Facebook users.