Colorado girl seriously injured in bear attack outside home

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Authorities in Grand Junction have set up three traps for a bear that attacked a 5-year-old girl outside her home early Sunday morning.

She went outside around 2.30am after noises she thought might be from her dog.

The girl's mother heard a commotion, investigated, and discovered a large black bear dragging her daughter. The mother started screaming, and the bear dropped the girl.

This is the version of events his wife told Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

She was listed in fair condition in the afternoon but chief operating officer Bryan Johnson says her family didn't want to release any more information.

The girl suffered serious injuries including dozens of internal and external stitches.

"Right on, good for her", the dispatcher responded. "No injuries to her brain or chest organs or abdominal organs and no fractures".

While bear attacks on humans are rare, Porras said there is growing concern. Dr. Charles Breaux, Jr. "She's in very good spirits and her family is in good spirits, too".

"Our officers are actively searching for the bear and will do so overnight and as long as it takes", said Mike Porras, a spokesman for the CPW's Northwest Region office.

On Monday, one day after the attack, the department announced it had killed the bear suspected of attacking the girl.

The bear believed to have been involved was trapped and euthanized.

After dealing with the bear, they took the animal's carcass to the Wildlife Health Laboratory in Fort Collins for a necropsy, the paper reported.

State officials have seen an increase in bear conflicts over the years as more people continue moving to Colorado and push farther into bear country. "These kinds of incidents are rare, but they also do indeed occur", said Romatzke.

This is the paw of the bear that may have attacked a 5-year-old in Grand Junction.

"You get sightings year-round because they have that year-round food source, which is trash", Wigner added to the Gazette.